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Kavil And Friends. 100 points 38 points. Kavil. 7. 2 1 5 3. Kavil. 7. 2 1 5 3 Y-Wing, Unique When attacking a ship outside your firing arc, roll 1 additional attack die. Plasma Torpedoes 3. 27/07/2016 · Hey Wargamers! This is my tenth episode in my X-Wing Wednesday Video Series and today we will be discussing the sharp shooter himself, Kavil! If you haven't. Fenn & Kavil. 100 points.

with those two I can either include a Party Bus, or Kavil. I've played a game with the Party Bus and it does its job, but I've really been enjoying the following base upgrades on Kavil: Kavil - VI, Vectored Thrusters, Unhinged. Now I need to figure out what the possible best use of his points are with a turret. building Kavil Hey all, looking to try out some scum lists and want to try out Kavil. For the list im looking at I have 31 pts available so im looking at two potential builds- Kavil w Adaptability, TLT, Unhinged Astro VS Kavil w Predator, Dorsal T, Unhinged. Kavil. De X-wing Wiki. Aller à: navigation, rechercher. "Kavil foi um pirata que liderava o grupo pirata dos Corsários de Kavil. Ele era um humano de olhos azuis, cabelo castanho calvo e um rosto pesadamente cicatrizado. Nos meses que se seguiram à Batalha de Endor, ele se tornou um corsário Imperial com a esperança de alcançar a. Yet Another X-Wing Miniatures Squad Builder. This is a simple, fast, no-frills squad builder for X-Wing Miniatures by Fantasy Flight Games. It is pure HTML, JavaScript, and CSS and requires no backend, and can be dropped into place on any website with maybe a few CSS tweaks.

Bonjour à vous amis contrebandier. Voici une liste totalement pété que j'ai confectionné. Après l'avoir joué en tournoi je peut vous dire qu'elle vaut le détour ! j'ai fini second suite à une trop grande confiance en moi qui m'a fait me poser sur un astéroïde. Le coup du A wing à 7 dés c'est vicelard. De plus en plus je me pose des questions sur ces deux persos. On peut partir sur une constante: Kavil 30 Y-Wing 24, Blaster Turret 4, R4 Agromech 2. 19/05/2016 · Scum vs Rebels. In the commentary we give our insight on what was our strategy and why we made those choices. Check out the mobility of a pumped Dash and the ganging of 3 Scum ships. Stay tuned for more games and more fun!

Kavil. 7. 2 1 5 3 Y-Wing, Unique When attacking a ship outside your firing arc, roll 1 additional attack die. Plasma Torpedoes 3 Dorsal Turret 3 Unhinged Astromech 1 Deadeye 1 Guidance Chips 0. Loading. Please wait. Squadron id: 272974. Kavil's Pirates. 99 points. Kavil's Corsairs were a group of Imperial privateers operating in the months after the Battle of Endor. They were based on Axxila and maintained a fleet of TYE-wings, Z-'ceptors, a BTL-S3 Y-wing, and at least one flight cruiser decorated with the Blazing Claw. Their other targets included Edusa.

X-Wing para principiantes. Primeros escuadrones Escoria y Villanos 1 February 19 2016. · Ataque por sorpresa: A Kavil, a bordo del Ala-Y, lo iremos acercando poco a poco al enemigo para hacer el máximo daño con su Torreta de Bláster Automático. [List] Kath, Kavil, N'Dru self.XWingTMG submitted 3 years ago by Titan_Slayer. Chewie, X-Wing list crushing victory. My eleven year old brother played it in a store tourney at Desert Sky Games and went 1 and 2 with some coaching from me and his opponents great group of guys. Content should be X-Wing related. Excessive shitposting may be removed at mod discretion. No bot accounts without pre approval. 2E Squadbuilders. YASB 2.0. FFG Official Squadbuilder. 2E Stop Gapp. 2E Resources. List Fortress. MetaWing 2. Official Rules and FAQ. X-wing Wiki. Official Rulings. 1E Squadbuilders. Yet Another X-Wing Miniatures.

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